B&E Tool Operations

70,000 square feet of manufacturing space, across two facilities, located in Massachusetts. B&E Tool Operations is equipped with highly automated cells, suited to highly complex, very close tolerance products. and deep vertical integration including but not limited to Heat Treat, NDT, Cleaning, and EDM.

  • B&E Tool – Southwick, MA

    Kinetic Engine Systems B&E Tool Operations located in Southwick, MA offers a high-mix, precision machining environment, including complex bearing housings, actuator housings, fuel controls and a variety of other complex hardware. Being supported by a seasoned engineering and quality group with deep ties to its customer base.

  • B&E Tool – Westfield, MA

    B&E Tool is equipped with over fifty machine centers including multiple 5-axis machines configured in highly automated cells, palletized systems with high tool count combined with in-process attribute measurement ideally suited to highly complex, very close tolerance products. B&E Tool provides complementary assembly and hydraulic testing. B&E Tool is supported by deep vertical integration including but not limited to Heat Treat, NDT, Cleaning, and EDM

Hear from Our Employees

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  • “The best way I could describe fellow employees at D&S is the facility is full of friendly, experienced, forward-thinking individuals willing to help younger employees gain the needed experience in the manufacturing industry.”

    Aaron Liu, CNC Milling – D&S Mfg.
  • “Kinetic Engine Systems has given me the opportunity to grow my career within the corporation by having the ability to transfer between companies during times of open employment. This not only advanced my career but have given me the ability to learn many aspects of the aerospace and defense industry by learning business platforms within the corporation.”

    Jeff Collingwood, Director of Operations - D&S Mfg.


B&E Tool Operations


Our state-of-the-art facilities were designed to meet the specific needs and capabilities of our operation. “Lights Out” unmanned machining is accomplished daily with our  Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) with combined 80 Pallets. Features such as part probing, high pressure through the spindle coolant, tool life management with adaptive control for constant tool pressure monitoring allows us to manufacture difficult to machine materials more efficiently.

  • 2 FASTEMS Systems
  • 18 CNC 4- and 5- axis mill machining centers
  • 10 CNC horizontal turning centers
  • 4 EDM (3 sinker & 1 wire)

4 & 5 axis Milling:

  • Mazak  – Milling & Turn
  • Nigatta – 5 Axis – 50 Taper
  • Matsurra’s –  4 & 5 Axis – 50 Taper


With the ability to turn diameters up to 35”, while holding tolerances as tight as +/-.0001”, B&E Lathe department is always pushing to be best in class. Investing in new technology for tooling, cutters, and machines our goal is to always stay one step ahead of our competitors.


Due to the high standards of these industries, we must consistently maintain the highest levels of quality . CMM’s running Calypso, Borescope camera system, Hard Gauging, Optical Comparator.

Special Processing & Ultra Cleanliness

Deep vertical integration including  Non-Destructive Testing (MPI & FPI), Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM), OEM Certified Clean Room.

  • Non-Destructive Testing – MPI & FPI
  • Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • OEM Certified Clean Room

Heat Treating & Brazing

New England Heat Treating Services (NEHTS) is a full-service thermal processing facility.  Bolstering 15 years of industry experience. NEHTS offers Vacuum hardening/tempering, and Brazing in accompaniment with atmosphere tempering, solution, aging, stress relieving, and deep freeze thermal processes.


  • Blue M Air Temper – 15” L x 12”H x 25” W
  • Blue M inert Atmosphere Furnace – 14” L x 17” H x 14” W
  • Grieve- 44” L x 30” H x 32” W
  • Wisconsin- 47” L x 60” H x 47” W
  • Lucifer Inert Atmosphere Furnace – 30” L x 25” H x 30” W
  • Therma Basic Rolling Quench- 36” L x 20” H x 36” W
  • So-Low Freezer- 68”L x 18”H x 19” W
  • ABAR/Ipsen HR-24 – 18”L x 10”H x 14”W
  • ABAR/Ipsen HR-34 – 34”L x 20”H x 24”W
  • Ipsen Titan – 45”L x 36”H x 32”W
  • Ipsen H2636 – 31.25” L X 17” H X 20” W
  • United True Blue II digital hardness tester
  • Versitron portable hardness tester
  • Vermet conductivity Tester


  • NADCAP Certified
  • ISO 9001/AS9100
  • Collins and GE approved.
  • Furnace

D&S Manufacturing

D&S Manufacturing is a High Precision Manufacturing company with extensive experience in Mission Critical Components that are complex in features, critical tolerances, and materials requiring precise processing, and are primarily used in Guidance, Optical and Targeting Systems, and/or any application that requires uncompromised confidence in quality and reliability. Flatness tolerances are achievable to 1 light band (11.6 Millionths of an inch). Diametrical tolerances are achievable to .00005. (50 Millionths of an inch).



  • AS9100D

    The manufacture of Aerospace hardware, including but not limited to Fuel controls & Actuations housings, Gas turbine rotating and stationary components, flight critical dynamic components, impeller, inducers and blisks, NDT testing and Heat treating.

  • NADCAP - Heat Treating

    Scope: AC7102, AC7102S, AC7102S/1 AC7102S/5 & AC7102/8

  • NADCAP - Conventional Machining as a Special Process

    Scope: AC7126, AC7126/1, AC7126/3 & AC7126/6

  • NADCAP - Non-conventional Machining - Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM)

    Scope: AC7116 & AC7116/3

  • NADCAP - Non-Destructive Testing - MPI & FPI

    Scope: AC7114, AC7114/S, AC7114/1, AC7114/1S, AC7114/2 & AC7114/2S



  • Bearing housings

    Bearing Housing up to 28″ Diameters – machine from Casting & Forgings.

  • Fuel Management Units & Actuators

    System-critical fuel management units & actuator housing that require precision machining up to 0.00002” tolerance levels, part dia. up to 24” cubed

  • Gearboxes & Manifolds

    Gearbox, manifolds & landing gear collars ranging from 6″ to 28″. Various hard & soft metals. Machined from casting, forgings &  Hog-out configurations.

  • Impellers & Inducers

    Impellers & Inducers ranging from 2″ to 12″. Various metals such as aluminum, titanium, steel. Machined from casting, forgings and from Hog-out configurations.

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